If you're moving to a warm climate like California or Florida, one of your dreams might be to own a property with a swimming pool where you can cool off when the days get too hot; however, pools need to be maintained just like houses do, so there's always the chance that the one you're looking at is secretly a dud. If you want to find out before you buy, you should have a pool inspection. Home inspection companies don't usually do much more than a quick visual inspection of the pool, so to really know what the condition of a swimming pool is you should hire a dedicated pool inspector.

In order to get an inspection done properly, the pool must be open, meaning it must not be covered up for the winter, and the filtration equipment must be running, so the best time to go shopping for a house with a pool is in the summer when all the action is happening. If the pool is closed up for the winter, the most a pool inspector can do is to check over the winter cover and have a look at the lines and hoses to make sure it appears to be in good shape. They can't test out any of the mechanisms when the pool is closed up. If the homeowner has left the pool closed in the summer, it may be a clue that there's something wrong with it that they're trying to hide.

A full inspection of a swimming pool involves running and testing all of the equipment, including skimmers, filters, and pipes. The inspector will make sure the water is being infused with the right amount of chemicals and that there are no leaks in the pipes which carry the water in and out of the pool. Leaks in the pipes will cost you extra because they need to be tracked down. Cracks in the pool's concrete base may spell the end of the line for a swimming pool.

Costs for pool inspections vary. A quick visual inspection runs about $100 while a full test of all the pool's systems can cost as much as $250. Companies that do pool inspections are generally also companies that install pools - they have expertise in how the systems are designed to run, as well as which brands are of good quality.

If you are getting your pool inspected you may also be in the market for a certified and professional home inspection company. If this describes you, we here at Applied Films highly recommend Rotondi Mold Assessors. Be certain the air you are breather, is clean fresh air!

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