From what you've already seen on our website, we here at Applied Films are all about providing you with information about glass. Whatever you need to know about it, we will tell you. We'll even give you information about glass that you might not even need to know. No matter where you or what you're doing, glass plays some part in your life.

If you're being driven in a limo, there's glass in the window, if you're baking cornbread in your home then you're probably using glass bakeware to cook it in, if you have bad vision then you use eyeglasses to read or drive.

Glass is everywhere. We're going to provide you with as many uses for glass, tell you places you can find glass, and what products are made from glass. We've already compiled a section on our website that tells you about glass at home. Today, we're going to focus on glass at work. There's no way that you walk into your firm and not come in contact with glass, whether you know it or not.

It doesn't matter if you work with contractors or computer accessories all day long, glass plays a part of your work life. If you work at a restaurant then you have a lot of condiments such as ketchup or tomato sauce stored in glass jars. If you work at a convenience store you probably work behind a plate of glass or handle glass items such as glass soda bottles. If you work with industrial machines they might have some part of them that's made out of glass. If you work at an auto shop then you handle glass every single day as all vehicles have glass windows.

As you can see, glass is everywhere. You might not notice it or think about it because you're so used to it being in your life. You shouldn't take glass for granted though. It serves a lot of very important functions in our lives. A lot of the products we use on a daily basis are made of glass or have glass in them. So try to remember that the next you get mad for dropping a glass jar and it breaks because there's something else in your house even more important that's made of glass. So you can't swear glass off completely.

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